Tower Defense: Gateway Wiki


These are general guidelines to what rules you must follow while on this wiki. Note that, upon staff discretion, you may be blocked for something that isn't on this list, so long it is serve enough to warrant a block.

There are three main tiers of rules. The first one requires a warning, the second one is a limited time block while the third is an instant permanent block. Block times are generally in the time frame indicated, though repeat offenders may see a grater block time.

Trying to make loopholes or bypassing the rules will result in an appropriate action.

Tier One Block Rules

Breaking these rules will result in a warning then a block from a period of 1-7 days, if the same rule is broken again (within a month).

  • Misuse of Article: Creating a page for the wrong purpose, for example, suggestions or reporting bugs.
    Use the discussions for ideas, and if needed, your own user blogs for personal articles uses.
  • Posting Large Images: Posting an image that takes up a large portion of the page.
    Remember to check how big it will appear on the page before posting it. Restrict it.
    If there is clear intent of vandalism, then this rule is ignored and a straight block is used.
  • Spamming: Excessive repetition of a message. Examples include:
    Sending the same message randomly to people, or simply reposting the same message over and over.
    Flooding a page with large amounts of text or images.
    Creating multiple discussion posts with little to no effort, with no intent to start constructive feedback or discussion.
  • Off-Topic Posts: Creating an unnecessary, non-constructive off-topic post in discussions, not related to TDS.
    If it is constructive, but not related to TDS, then it must be tagged with the "Off-Topic" category.
  • Provocative Topics: Aggressively discussing about topics that have the potential to become toxic.
    This includes things such as political, religious or sensitive topics.
    Do not create or encourage any kind of drama.
  • Impersonation: Impersonating anyone that is known in the TDS community.
    If your username is trying to impersonate someone, you will be asked to change it. Failure to do so will result in a indefinite block until you change it.
  • Excessive Swearing: While swearing is allowed, using a large amount of profanity is not.
    Direct Swearing is also not allowed.
  • Immaturity: Do not be excessively immature about things.
    You must be 13+ have an account on FANDOM (16+ if you are in the EU), and we may assume you are underage if you do not act mature enough. Note that people that are <13 can browse the wiki.
  • Leaking Classified Information: Leaking anything that only developers or a select group of people should know. This does not include official leaks from official sources.
    Leaking what may be in the next update is an instant ban, while leaking what restricted towers do will result in a warn then a ban, UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM ARKIOME.

Tier Two Block Rules

Breaking these rules will result in an instant block for the specified time.

  • Toxicity and Harassment: Inciting action or behavior to stir up drama. [1 week - 1 month]
    Do not harass or discriminate against anyone or any groups.
    Do not encourage hate speech.
    Do not flame or dox (leak personal information) anyone.
  • Direct Swearing: Using profanity aimed at someone, or a group. [1 day - 1 week]
  • Suggestive Text: Do not mention any sexual topics or words, as those are also prohibited as FANDOM is 13+ [1 day - 1 week]
    Don't mention indirectly sexual stuff either.
  • Slurs: Racist, homophobic or derogatory terms are not allowed, even if they aren't directed at someone. [2 weeks - 1 month]
  • Vandalism - Deliberate act to disrupt wiki pages, posting obscene or unrelated content. [1 month]
    New and alt accounts that perform vandalism will be permanently blocked.
  • Scamming: Posting scam links or trying to recruit people into a dishonest scheme. [1 month]

Tier Three Block Rules

Breaking these rules will result in an instant permanent block.

  • Malicious Offsite Links: Posting an offsite link whose content regards potentially harmful hacking activity.
  • Raiding Wiki: Using multiple accounts to spam comments or vandalise pages.
    New and alt accounts that perform vandalism will be considered raiding.
  • NSFW: Posting images and pictures that can be considered 18+ or not for public consumption.
    NSFW includes gore, pornography and shock content.
  • Inappropriate Username or Profile Picture: Having a username or profile picture that breaks any rules.
    This is temporary block until the offending item has been changed.
  • Alternative or Troll Account: Using an alternative account to bypass a block.