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they're the update logs of the game not the wiki

note: he not placing update logs anymore on the game description

[Updates 📖]

Nov 7 v0.1.9 Increased to 25 waves. Added Camo & Camo2 which can only be shot from close range. Added Medusa which slows tower fire rate.

Nov 4 v0.1.8 - Selling towers now gives 40% of the tower's worth. Made the game mobile friendly.

Nov 2 v.0.1.7 - Added Ghost2 and Tank2. Made game less repetitive and harder. Also fixed voting not showing up sometimes.

Nov 1 v.0.1.6 - You can now buy towers and equip them! Also added some test towers (Ice Tower, Cliff Tower, Water Tower). Some balance changes.

Oct 30 v.0.1 - I haven't updated this place in so long! Added money per wave depending on how many players are in the squad.